Shanti Omkara 


SHANTI means peace and OMKARA stands for the syllable (Kara) OM, the primal sound of creation. 

SHANTI OMKARA are Kusum and Raghav.

Being a twin flame couple reunited approx. 24 years ago they play meditation music.

Doing this they fully trust in the great healing potential of harmonious sounds what they support by using the natural pitch of A=432Hz (the so called Verdi´s 'A'). Love, Humility and Devotion are the main qualities for them to be expressed in their music. 

The repertoire is based on various spiritual traditions. Many are mantras or bhajans - mostly in Sanskrit or Hindi -, but there are also some english songs. Their music mainly consists of original compositions.


The certain energy during their concerts has the potential to gently guide the open listener into higher dimensions where relaxation, meditation and the healing from within can find its space to get started. No matter if the audience is conscious of or not the harmonious sounds and the power of the lyrics and mantras will find their way.


Relaxation, calmness, reduction of distress of daily routines, harmony with one's self,...etc. are some of the often expressed experiences of the listeners. See also here... Gästebuch --- Comments