Some information about SHANTI OMKARA 

During a long term stay at the ShantiKshetra Premgiri Ashram in India at the end of 2015 SHANTI OMKARA had been given their spiritual names. Since then they are Maitreyi Kusum and Mitra Raghav. 


Since Kusum and Raghav met again in late summer of 1996 and they recognized themselves as being twinflames they started giving workshops with the aim to assist people in healing emotional results of traumatic experiences.   

Doing this they used different techniques (e.g. the Lindwall-Releasing) and during a journey to India over the turn of the millenium it was clear for them to start including music as an assisting factor in their transformational work. 


From 2001-2012 they led groups to high energetic places around the globe in addition to the workshops and single sessions they gave. Even if on these journeys the people visited wonderful places in the outside, the real destination was inside - meaning transformation of one's conscouisness to become a (more) happy human beeing on the way enjoying life. 


In the meanwhile music became the center of Kusum's and Raghav's spiritual work.

...but what happend before?



Born as a "sandwich-baby" in a familiy that was open to psychology in Kusum rised the thought at the age of 14 to have some day a psychotherapy. During that time she read the book from the american psychologist Arthur Janov: 'The primal scream'. Fascinated by the described outcome of this therapy she also wanted to have such experiences.


But it took some time until something similar crossed her way. In the end of her 20's after she had fulfilled her selfgiven promise to first finish her MBA  at the university before she allowed herself to explore the 'unknown terrain'. Somehow she was sure that there would be no way back and this gave her an unignorable respect towards 'that whole thing'.  

Thank goodness - it didn't end up in a regular psychotherapy because just in time she came in contact with the transformational work of the 'Lindwall-Releasing'.

After attending some relasing-seminars she decided to get educated in this technique because she experienced it to be so helpful to get again in contact with her true self and to heal her emotional pain.   

During this training in which she also rediscovered her inner connection to India, she finally met Dr. Isa Lindwall and his wife Yolanda.

In one of their workshops Raghav was one of their assistants and this is how Raghav and Kusum met again the first time.  

Later on Kusum also assisted in some of the Lindwall-Workshops in Germany and she was personally authorised by both of them to use their method for working with people.  



Since his early childhood Raghav was able to see and perceive things what he thought was usual and completely natural for all people. Only later he realized that the people around him could not see in the same way.   

These abilities and his never interrupted connection to higher dimensions are vital within him until today.   


Even if he never completely lost his connections to 'higher dimensions' there were times in his youth when he was focussed on other things. In his thirties his inner guidance convinced him due to some special occasions (very serious car crash and a bad medical diagnosis) to bring back his focus and attention on the spiritual path again. 

After different educations (Reiki 1.+2. master grade, lessons in the Teachings of Mme. Blavatsky, Silva Mind Method etc.) he met one of his most important teacher and later friend, the clairvoyant physician Dr. E.E. Lindwall from the US. Dr. Lindwall togehter with his wife Yolanda had developed a process that enables people to get rid of limiting memories from the past ('Lindwall Releasing'). Raghav was trained in this method and so he assisted them both in many of their workshops.

After some years also due to his reunion with Kusum his connection to India was revived.  


They both were blessed through many extraordinary encounters with wonderful teachers, yoga masters (especially Kriya Yoga) and monchs.

Though they felt being completely one with themselves and did not search for anything, they finally met Maitreya DADASHREEJI - who is one with Mahavatar Babaji consciousness - in 2014. For them this is the absolute highlight of their spiritual journey and they are most grateful for this grace.